Data Analytics

More than ever we live in a world of data and rules—business, human and the environmental. The use of daily, weekly and monthly analytical data to determine patterns in business is common: Identifying what we are doing well, determining how we can do it better and recognizing problems before they can result in material damage.

Data analytics can be as simple as finding duplicate payments in accounts payable or evaluating sales patterns to determine the best location for a warehouse.

Data analytics can also be as complicated as identifying statistical outliers for potentially fraudulent activity. It can use a single spreadsheet or extract data from multiple platforms and formats.

For some, there is a joy in learning the secrets that data hold.


Seedbearer offers data services to a range of industries including publishing, consumer goods, healthcare, government, financial services, advertising, retail, pharmaceutical, and non-profits.

Industry Specific Analytics

While we offer services across a variety of industries, we understand that we may not know enough about your industry in some instances. Our aim is to have industry domain expertise available for every engagement. Some of the Industry Specific Solutions we offer are as follows:

  1. Market Basket Analysis for Retailers
  2. Customer Segmentation and Model Scoring for Marketing and Sales divisions
  3. Credit and Risk Scoring model for Banks and Financial Services Companies
  4. Customer Lifetime Value Models for Services Companies with repeat revenue
  5. Report Generation (Ad-Hoc and Automated) tailored for a specific industry


Seedbearer delivers analytical services using both domestic and offshore delivery models which allows for some cost efficiencies and increased productivity. Our engagement models are designed to provide flexibility to suit individual customer needs.  The engagement model also depends on the level of the relationship with the customer. Depending on our customer requirements, we offer 3 different delivery models.

Analytics Assessment Model

Frequently, new client relationships are initiated with an overall assessment of their analytic capabilities and resources. As part of this assessment, we study the various data sources, measurement tools and techniques in addition to other research and analytics competencies available across the company, and provide you with a brief report on recommendations using research and analytics for better decisions. This phase helps establish trust and a relationship between the customer and Seedbearer.

Project-Based Model

 This kind of model is used when we solve a clearly defined business problem for the client with fixed timelines and price. This is structured like a basic consulting assignment with a clear definition of scope, deliverables and we assign a specific team of consultants. Clients are typically billed one-time for a fixed price with preset project deliverables. Sometimes, project-based engagements are also billed for a mix of fixed cost and variable time and material billing if the scope is initially not clear or expands beyond the initial agreements. The contract is generally initiated using a simple Scope of Work document.

Seedbearer Managed On-Demand Model

Seedbearer analysts work as an extension of our customers’ teams and follow a collaborative approach to engagement. We streamline the transition of customer work processes if offshore resources are necessary. Seedbearer is responsible for managing the team, delivering on a defined day to day operations, deliverables, as well as adhering to agreed service levels. The customer has a fairly hassle-free experience and thus can focus mainly on defining requirements and collaboratively arriving at solutions. A detailed work order along with a Master Services Agreement is generally used to initiate the contract.