Mobile Commerce

Seedbearer empowers brands with solutions to build more engaging mobile customer experiences, and more lucrative mobile businesses.


Mobile is the new frontier in business and commerce. To stay ahead, you need more than just ‘analytics’ to guide you through this uncharted land. You need to know how to use your data to drive growth, develop more intimate mobile experiences and build deep, meaningful customer connections. You need mobile customer intelligence. You need Seedbearer.


Seedbearer mobile customer intelligence is a new breed of solutions–part mobile analytics, part data science, part consultation–to help you achieve your unique goals. As the pioneer in mobile customer intelligence, we’re committed to giving you the data and insights to drive the greatest mobile customer lifetime value possible. We’ll work with you to frame the right business questions, develop the appropriate key performance indicators, analyze customer trends and determine how to improve against industry benchmarks.


We enable brands with mobile customer intelligence through our comprehensive solution that combines our people, process, and platform. Seedbearer’s mobile customer intelligence will empower you to understand and act on your customer behavioral data like never before. We’ll give you a data-driven framework to create infectiously brilliant customer experiences that drive the greatest amount of customer value possible.