Systems Integration and IT security

Always stay a step ahead of your adversaries with our consulting services that can make your security system rock-solid.

Security Architecture Consulting

In a dynamically evolving business environment that requires peak levels of performance to stay competitive, thwarting attacks that can harm your infrastructure and set back progress should be a priority. We live in an age where business decisions are largely dependent on information, and data is the lifeline of your business. Any attack on your network, applications or data can have a ripple effect of consequences.

Cybersecurity Consulting for Optimized Protection and Increased Compliance

With years of enabling clients to successfully navigate cybersecurity risks, Seedbearer is the trusted IT security services provider for many organizations around the globe. We offer a full suite of information security consulting services that help companies to ensure that their critical network and other IT assets are protected, and they are in compliance with internal governance rules along with external regulatory requirements.

Our security architecture consulting services conduct 360° assessment of your existing security architecture and perform continuous improvements:

  • Review of policies, controls, and processes
  • Vulnerability Assessment      
  • Security Technology assurance        
  • Red teaming and penetration testing

Fraud Prevention

In spite of massive investment in cyber-fraud prevention and data security technologies, the frequency and sophistication of payment fraud threats are growing. Financial institutions of all sizes face increasingly complex, dangerous, and costly risks. Criminals, hackers, and malicious insiders take advantage of legacy technologies and abundant silos of information to perpetrate crime. Financial institutions often lack real-time visibility into suspicious behavior.

Seedbearer offers a broad set of compliance and fraud prevention tools. Whether protecting a digital banking channel, monitoring teller activity or securing your connectivity to SWIFT, each of these solutions can detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Together, these solutions create a system of record across your most critical applications, providing a unified, enterprise-wide view of the data across platforms, channels, and geographies.

Active Threat Hunting

A secure network is a shortcut to business growth and stability. Yet still, maintaining the robustness of your network is an uphill task as you expand your business reach in a globalized environment.

Evolving business models revolving around the rise of mobility and cloud resources are increasing the complexity of corporate networks. This has given way to a new threat landscape that quickly changes modes to find gaps in security defenses.

Seedbearer’sActive Threat Hunting services are the next level in detection. Turn the tables on attackers by combining best of breed knowledge and technology to proactively disrupt hidden threats. In a threat landscape where time and complexity may not always be on your side, our experts will be there to actively scan for potential compromise instead of waiting for the routine alert to spring up.

Novel approach to threat hunting

At Seedbearer, our security analysts keep key goals in perspective when designing a threat hunting program for your organization. Their priority is to provide preemptive and targeted detection of threats before a breach can occur. This not only deepens your own defense but makes it progressively difficult for adversaries to conduct an attack against your environment. Finally, our threat hunting teams enable you to gain enhanced visibility into any susceptibilities, for charting immediate as well as the future course of action.

  • Attacks and breaches are detected at an early stage of their lifecycle
  • Minimal impact and duration of a security breach
  • Eradicate advance persistent threat (APT)

Continuous Monitoring

When facing the prospect of continuous threats, sporadic security analysis or monitoring will rarely uncover any sophisticated attack that may lurk deep beneath the surface. In order to neutralize potential threats before they even have a chance to sabotage your operations, continuous monitoring is necessary.

Seedbearer provides continuous monitoring services to uphold the security posture of your enterprise environment. Using holistic processes and automation tools, we provide organizations a viable alternative to the traditional assessment process with unceasing monitoring of security systems. The result is a rapid approach to security and enhanced situational awareness.

Continuous security through a reliable partner

In order to effectively protect your environment, your network security protocols should have the mechanism to determine and neutralize any threat, prohibit operational disruption, and safeguard the integrity of applications and data. Seedbearer’ continuous monitoring practice offers a scalable solution that holistically covers the security of all devices and networks. This results in minimal impact on technical staff for scanning & remediation, and accurate results that eliminate false positives along the way.

Our continuous monitoring prowess has helped protect the network perimeter of various enterprises worldwide, most of whom have experienced a transformation of the traditionally static perimeter into a more distributed and increasingly dynamic one, owing to disruptions such as cloud and virtualization. Continuous insight into such a perimeter is the only way to completely fortifying it. With Seedbearer, you get to enjoy

  • Real-time strategic insight into risk by certified professionals
  • Streamlined processes for continuous monitoring and deeper assessment
  • Preemptively mitigate risk by minimizing vulnerability exploitation time-frames

Business Continuity

For businesses across various industries, we are the iron hand they rely on to ensure that their entity is iron-clad against any disruption.

To keep your business operational even through a ruinous cyber breach, you need comprehensive, end-to-end security. For businesses across various industries, we are the iron hand they rely on to ensure that their entity is ironclad against such incidences.

An attack means your operations, data, and reputation at stake. Our business continuity and disaster recovery team is a group of veterans that possess the experience & tenacity to ensure resilience for your enterprise. Our CSIRT professionals enable your organization to reduce and mitigate risk, minimize the process of recovering from a breach, and help you attain higher levels of agility.

Prepare for the most challenging scenarios, with the Best in the industry

Emerging disruptions such as mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), and social are driving change and transformation across every single industry vertical. These disruptions are not devoid of their security issues and pose a new challenge for organizations to deal with in terms of data security. Seedbearer Business Continuity portfolio enables entities to quickly identify and protect IT-enabled operations, reduce risk and take overall resilience to a higher level.

Our teams establish that your business continuity plan aligns with the increasingly strict requirements of regulatory compliance. Most importantly, they install the kind of robustness across your operations that your customers and business partners expect from your organization.

Our services are performed by certified security professionals with deep experience in IT operations and management, combining both technical and enterprise knowledge to power your progress.

Malware Research & Analysis

Having a clear understanding of the nature of the attacks you face means that you’ve already protected half the territory. Eradicating it based on the clear understanding takes care of the rest of everything.

With hackers and adversaries having a go at networks almost daily, developing a sound understanding of multi-pronged threats can prove quite challenging. Seedbearer has dedicated malware research teams to routinely research and find ways to eradicate malware. Our experts provide detailed technical data on the nature of each malware threat, along with its impact and how to contain the threat or even neutralize it. Our team consists of over 100 experienced malware researchers and security analysts, including PhDs and industry-certified experts.

Our malware research is a treasure of information that can help security teams as well as product vendors to deliver security product updates without much hassle. Security teams can use the expensive research to strategically diminish the impact of malware on their environments without spending valuable time researching what it is in the first place.

Our cutting-edge security research includes, but is not limited to:

  • Zero Days
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Botnets and C&C servers